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Walk Testimonials

“A real women, a compelling story of strength, passion and daily life on a hill farm in Cumbria. The shepherdess is inspiring and will have you walking, talking and craving tweed.”

Katie Read
West Cumbria Tourism ManagerCumbria_Tourism_logo


clarebalding“Alison, Thank you so much for a fabulous walk.
Thankfully the mist lifted to reveal the beautiful Howgill Fells.”

Clare Balding
Ramblings, BBC Radio 4


stuart“Alison knows the hills of her native Cumbria (and beyond) like she knows her sheep. She has a natural affinity for these places, the landscape, history, wildlife, culture and people. She’s also a lovely person and great company. You should make her acquaintance, either in person or here at her website.”

Stuart Maconie
Radio DJ, Television presenter and writer


“Barefoot walking with Alison is an experience I’ll never forget. The act of walking barefoot through mud, wet grass and water is so liberating and surprisingly a lot of fun!. It’s amazing how it seems to heighten your other senses too. Alison is an excellent guide, her enthusiasm is infectious and she has some wonderful stories of her time spent in the Howgill Fells.”

Nicola Iseard, Editor
Fall-line Magazine


“Alison researched and planned a walking route for Cumbria Tourism in order to celebrate our county’s uniqueness and challenge and refresh visitors perceptions of the destination. She was tasked with finding a walking route that only locals would know about,to share with visitors. The approach was to engender within visitors a sense of discovery of, a greater understanding of and a stronger enthral link to,the county’s rich and deep heritage and tradition, set against our spectacular landscape. On the guided walk, she spoke eloquently, knowledgeably and passionately about Cumbria’s cultural heritage, farming and how it has shaped our landscape. Alison shared her thoughts and imparted knowledge as well as entertaining us and keeping a few surprises up her sleeves such as a short poetry reading and a surprise viewpoint. Alison was the perfect choice for this and visitors enthused about her knowledge and style. I would not hesitate to work with her again. Thank you.”

Sandra Wood, Cultural projects manager
Cumbria Tourism


“Alison O’Neill, the Shepherdess; with sunshine in her voice, an enthusiasm for life and how it ticks, bedecked in tweed and red lippy, the epitome of a loving purposeful woman. A walk is never just A to B, it is an adventure,ordinary it is not, it delves into what we take for granted,the folds of land, the granite hard walls, all have purpose and a rhythm. Alison holds the key and unlocks the treasure chest revealing the gentle machinery of time and season,purpose, place and platform.The land is scratched deep into her soul from crimson dawned skies that hold Northumberland and Cumbria fast to dune soaked grassy ways echoing Atlantic breezes.Empty wilderness?, they are not!.
Alison knows the way to the forgotten places, where the past beckons as a good companion, welcoming the gentle enquiring mind to linger and understand. Drench the senses in nature and place let the stillness roll across you and the path be a journey filled with happy meetings.”

Clifford Jones BA (Hons)
Archeologist Historian Author


“I first met Alison at a meeting, both northern girls from different backgrounds sharing a love for the land. We worked together, delivering Walks and Talks from one of our farms in Coniston Cumbria. I have walked and talked with Alison ever since, and each time we meet the magic remains, whatever project she is involved in, she gives it her heart, she is one of lives authentic people.”

Jane Watson, Marketing Consultant
The National Trustnational-trust-green-horizontal-logo-resize1


“Alison joined us for the 2012 Isle of Harris Mountain Festival, she led a guided barefoot walk, and gave an evening presentation. Alison was brilliant to have around, both events were incredibly popular, she is fascinating and informative both as a guide and a speaker. We were so keen we booked her for the following year also.”

Matt Watts, North Harris Trust
The Isle Of Harrisnorth harris trust


“Alison has hosted farm walks at Shacklabank for the general public as part of our Farming Landscapes project for several years. Feedback from guests is typically, “a very informative, positive and unique experience” and we are very grateful for the time she gives in helping us educate the visitors about farming, the landscape and culture it supports.”

Paul Harper, Manager
The Farmer Network Ltd

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